Ingress upgrade portal

Feby 8, 2020
ingress upgrade portal

ingress upgrade portal

 · Every portal has an upgrade option, it’s used to upgrade resonators and deploy portal mods on the selected portal. By upgrading resonators you are also leveling up the Portal. With better resonators and mods, you can make a portal stronger and you also increase the portal’s maximum link distance. All that is done in thisRead More

These do not help the portal level but will help it defensiveness via damage mitigation should come under attack. To bring up the upgrade menu you need to be within action range of the friendly portal (45m) and click on it to bring up the portal menu. From the portal menu click on the Upgrade button to bring up the Upgrade …

Where did you submit your nomination? Certain areas have too few reviewers to get the decision made. You can try asking opr reviewers to move their bonus location to your area, but don't hope too much, most people already have their bonus area set.

 · Upgrading the resonators is the only way to increase the level of a portal. This is just one of the actions that you can do on the Portal Upgrade screen.

Hi folks, Firstly, let me apologize on behalf of my team. This is good news, thanks! Unfortunately I am unable to assign my upgrades to any of my submissions since the account auto-merge problem, mentioned here in several posts, hasn't been resolved, yet been acknowledged appropiately.

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 · I think I've found either a bug or an intentional restriction.... you decide. The other day i flipped this portal with a virus and a few days later it had been attacked and left half dead. You'll ...

I have 3 portal submissions upgraded and still waiting on a response (over a week now) yet some I have submitted 2-3 days ago have been approved....

 · Lightning strikes! And an Upgrade has been made to OPR. In beta for many, but adding more to the pool every day. So check back soon to OPR. What is it? UPGRADES is a new tab in OPR that keeps track of your agreements moving forward, and for every 100 agreements, you will get a … Ingress Upgrades OPR with Upgrades! Read More »

 · What happen when you already got the 100 opr agreement upgrade For one more time i underlined that opr upgrade only give your portal submission priority.

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